Taking mussels grown in the pristine waters of New Zealand, we inspect, wash and partially de-beard them before the mussels are placed in a plastic pouch. The pouch is then vacuum packed before being cooked under pressure at high temperature in a steam retort (industrial pressure cooker). Natural flavours are captured and retained through this process while food safety and product shelf life are enhanced. The products can be chilled or frozen.

We have developed an ongoing sampling programme undertaken in conjunction with New Zealand’s Cawthron Institute (New Zealand’s leading research centre for shellfish and aquaculture). The programme involves monthly microbial testing which would identify E.coli, Salmonella and Listeria if present. So far we have recorded excellent food safety results. Taste tests are performed internally.

Please note that PHR Processing Ltd meet the highest global standards for food safety, including USFDA and EU accreditation. We also hold a registered NZFSA Risk Management Plan (RMP) including HACCP.

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Taste Super fresh, all natural, no additives
Uses Serve chilled or prep like live
Scrubbing All done
Grading Uniform size
Counting Portion controlled units 500g/1Kg
Prep Time 2 minutes
Shelf Life 12 months in fridge, 24 months in freezer, 3-4 days in fridge – once opened
Wastage No wastage – no guess work


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Ωmega™ 500g Mussels

Ωmega™ 1Kg Mussels