Ocean friendly farmed greenshell™ mussels
New Zealand’s Greenshell™ mussels have been judged one of the most ocean friendly seafoods in the world by the USA’s highly respected Blue Ocean Institute. For more information see www.blueocean.org/seafood Mussels feed by filtering algae and other plankton, thereby improving the quality of the surrounding water.
Our mussels are grown on ropes suspended in coastal water, which causes little habitat disruption. Seed comes from wild collection, and there are no major concerns about depleting brood stock. PHR Processing Ltd New Zealand Greenshell™ Mussels need no artificial feeding and are free of growth promotents or additives such as fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides.

Sustainably managed Littleneck Clams
The area where the clams are harvested (Golden Bay, Nelson, New Zealand) has been successfully managed under a government quota system since 2002 and fish stocks are considered to be in healthy supply. Omega Clams are harvested and graded on the spot, with a conveyor belt returning all undersize clams to the sea to ensure future harvests.

Our commitment to you
At PHR Processing Ltd, we constantly look to identify, manage and mitigate our company’s overall carbon footprint. We constantly engage with our suppliers about lessening our impact on the ecosystem. Note that because of the long shelf life our products enjoy, this means that they can travel to foreign markets by sea freight and still taste fresh, incurring no air miles.

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